Adventures and Life of Kim Prince


Kim Prince

Kim Prince died on his 58th birthday on February 4th in Naples, Florida. Kim was a member of the International Lawn Tennis Club of America and was a graduate of Harvard and St. Paul's School where he was captain of the baseball team. In the early 70's. he wrote the only book on mixed doubles published by Doubleday and was also the associate producer of three documentary films on tennis for CBS. Later, he became a color commentator at the French Open for ESPN and hosted several American sportsman programs for ESPN on such eclectic topics such as women's bowling, lumberjack competition and duck calling in Manitoba. Kim also contributed to Tennis Week as a guest columnist in the senior tour.Kim lived a full life. He never backed away from a challenge; facing them head-on and without fear. Kim has climbed the Himalayas... twice. He ran the Boston Marathon... twice. He was a decorated naval officer and a Vietnam veteran. He brought a sense of joy and adventure to all those who knew him. Kim is survived by his sister Lawson, her husband Clint Allen and three nieces, Lawson, Samantha and Walker.

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