A Christmas Letter from Kim Price to His Friends

A Christmas Greeting For My Friends

(albeit a tad on the sentimental side if you'll indulge me)

I have never been much for giving presents to or getting presents from my friends at Christmas. ..or any other time for that matter. .. (not that I judge or begrudge that in others). It is indicative, I imagine, of some underlying and jangling neurosis that a Freudian or Jungian therapist, or pop-psychologist, might relish exploring...but not one I choose to ponder on.

It is enough for me that I know who my friends are and why you are my friends. And the why begins with this:

My simple rule that as a friend you have always, in my presence at least, told the truth as you saw it; and tried your hardest. The rest for me is icing on the cake. Certainly, the charm, and humor, and grace, and grit I find in each of you is contributory to our friendship, but that "telling the truth and giving it your best" thing is the cornerstone for me. And I admire you for that; it's easy to fudge. Methinks, at the risk of sounding trite, that it also engenders a capacity to love. Which I also see in you...and admire.

So, on this Christmas (and because it's good to "give it up" every once in awhile) I choose to give you this: My most profound and humble thanks for your friendship; and the hope that you will in the coming year find whatever your heart desires...and joy...and bliss.

That is my wish for you and, frankly, for me too. May "the force", whether that is God or what we cannot fathom, be with us.